The Book Digital Common Sense was written to provide a framework for what ‘being more digital’ from a personal competence perspective looked like. A question I was always being asked by leaders keen to upskill their employees. It is based on 1000’s of people’s input to various surveys and many workshops run on digital professionalism held around the world.  


The Digital Professionalism Checklist was written for people wanting more detail and links on a topic because during workshops sometimes all the content is not covered. It is a collection of 30 checklists cover all aspects of digital professionalism. It is a useful tool for anyone wanting to upgrade by themselves using the checklists as a guide.

The Job Finders Checklist is a free download put together for My Church Hillsong, on order to act as a resource for people needing to find a job and needed some tips about how to go about that mentally and practically.