We are focused on three common sense areas of digital mastery 


Topics to consider


Personal Technology - what is your toolset from AI to Zoom?

Its said that you ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, and in the fast world of technology things are changing all the time. How do you know you have the right tools and are not wasting time, practicing bad habits when there could be way of operating that could give you back more time? We have developed blueprints of best practice that we keep updated with the latest thinking. Get in touch below if you want to know more 


Personal Psychology - take the self assessment

What might be holding you back from being more digitally competent and confident? If you like to take our assessment, get in touch below and we will send you the link.

Personal Brand - you can't be a secret online and a success

Most people were not taught how to brand themselves online. The main platform we use for this is LinkedIn of course. But are you happy with your profile? In the resources section of this Website there is a free guide developed from coaching many people into many different job roles. Please feel free to download it.

 “Digital Common Sense is not common practice” Bob Barker


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