On a mission to upgrade your personal digital competence

 To make you more digitally savvy, professional, fluent, literate, for the way the world works

Here is how we can help


Pick a card - from the Top 50 digital practices deck

The quickest way to make a change. Lay the cards out in from of you and pick the 3 cards which really speak to you. Then commit to adopting and/or finding out more from others about how they practice this habit.

Read the book - take action on the checklists

Buy the ebook published by the leading corporate learning provider BookBoon, produced in bite sized learning format with 30 checklists covering each core area.

Do the course - The Digital Professional Upgrade programme

30 microlearning videos taking you through all key areas of digital professionalism and wellness. Also includes checklists, demonstrations and additional video from industry-leading experts.

Work with your team – The Interconnectedness Program – a team approach to learning about digital professionalism, wellness and community

The best way to learn is from each other, by tapping into the wisdom already in the team you work with.  This program is for up to 20 people at a time in 6 sessions of 1 hour. It takes the cohort through a digital professionalism and wellness learning journey as well as strengthening the cohort’s community. For more details please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page, thank you.


Keynotes & physical workshops


There are many ways to kick start awareness and action for digital professionalism within an organisation. Before Covid restrictions, we had been running workshops for many years. These immersive sessions combine hands on learning as well as haptic sensing with some emerging digital technology such as the Microsoft Hololens and VR headsets so  people can experience new technology and how that might impact their roles.

Alternatively, we can give a keynote presentation to motivate the room/virtual room to take action. 


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