Upgrade yourself from time wasting digital amateur to sought after digital  professional

 And win at the new world of hybrid work.


3 options to explore


Read all about it

Read all about digital exhaustion in this white paper, including the 5 causes of digital exhaustion, how to measure digital exhaustion, why digital exhaustion persists, the Interconnectedness program and the outcomes: digital professionalism.


Individual diagnosis and coaching

You get coaching for everything else: your fitness, your life, your finances, your mind, your golf swing, why not your digital competence? There are 6 sessions to cover your personal transformation from digital amateur to digital professionalism.



Upgrade together - take the lead at setting up group sessions with your team

microsoftWho best to learn from about digital competence and systems from the people your work with? “The wisdom is in the room” as they say. Interconnectedness is the name for our proven group approach to upgrade everyone’s digital competence by sharing in small groups – mostly online these days but also available in physical workshops. Programs can be completely DIY or facilitated.

 “Digital Common Sense is not common practice” Bob Barker


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