How to upgrade your digital competence for the new world of work

Covid19 has highlight our dependence on technology to get work and life done and we could all do with an upgrade in our digital competence, not just a phone upgrade. So where is your level of competence now? Click the link below to get a health check

How we work


Self help resources

The best way to get started is taking the 10 question Digital Competency Health Check as this will give you an overall score with some advice of how to improve. It will also give you your scores in the area of digital psychology, personal brand, productivity and people skills online. 

Another option is to buy the book ‘Digital Common Sense – and how to get IT’ available on Amazon in ebook versions versions or if you want a copy then contact us direct.  

Finally if you do the HealthCheck there is an offer for a free Top 50 Digital Habits report with some great ideas on how to up your game. 


The 30 day challenge, online learning & Coaching

If you want to dig a bit deeper, there are two online options, firstly take the 30 day digital competency upgrade challenge, with micro learning videos and a mission for each working day. It is centered around the four main capability areas of Mindset and Skillset, Build a Personal Brand, Productivity and Effectiveness and People Skills. The content is video-based sessions with Bob Barker that talk take you through the strategy and the practical.

The second direct coaching with Bob Barker based on the 30-day programme, where either you or your team is coached live each day to encourage momentum through accountability and learning from each other.

To find out more about these two options or how we can build a bespoke solution for your firm, please get in touch below or click HERE to find out more.


Workshops, Catalyst presentations, keynotes


There are many ways to kick start an upskilling programme in an organisation. We have been running workshops for many years now through the Leading Edge Forum and directly. These immersive sessions include bringing digital technology with us such as the Micosoft Hololens and VR headsets so in the breaks people can experience new technology and how that might impact their roles.

Alternatively, we can run a catalyst presentation or keynote to motivate the room/virtual room to take action. Using the Digital Common Sense Habits playing cards is a great leave behind for people as they listen to the content and reflect on the level of their own competence.


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